About Us

The owner and staff of Sable Cottage Nursing Home are committed to the provision of quality care

We are a luxury care home and our main focus is to ensure that our residents feel welcome, happy and that they receive the best and most suitable care that we can provide.

Within a warm and friendly atmosphere, we take a holistic approach to caring for our residents, encouraging them to be as self caring and independent as possible, giving them the freedom of choice to enable them to enjoy the best quality of life within the realms of their disability.

One of our aims is to allow service users the freedom to choose their way of life in the home so far as is practical and based on their mental capacity.

We have specialised equipment to assist with all aspects of daily living.

Sable Cottage’s priority is to maintain or improve health and mental wellbeing. We are also here to provide a secure and caring home for residents in close partnership with their friends and family.

We offer a stimulating environment by providing a programme of activities suitable for all service users should they choose to take part. We also provide a continuing training and development programme of our staff to enable them to meet service users’ needs with understanding and skill.