Full day and night nursing care is provided in accordance with an individual care plan. Relatives are encouraged to contribute to this by providing information on the resident’s social history, likes, dislikes, and interests, particularly when the resident is unable to provide the information themselves. The resident’s individual needs are constantly monitored and care plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

All rooms are equipped with electric, height adjustable, profiling beds to assist the comfort of both residents and staff. A number of rooms are also equipped with an overhead hoisting system to ease movement. Hoists and other equipment to assist movement of residents are readily available in all areas of the home. Appropriate pressure relief equipment is also provided where necessary following ongoing assessments by the nursing staff.

All staff are employed by Sable Cottage and we rarely have to use agency staff, which ensures a great continuity of daily care.

Medical Services

Medical attention is provided under the National Health Service and all new admissions are often registered with the Home’s appointed G.P.,who visits on a weekly basis. Where appropriate the G.P. will arrange for physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc. under the NHS. Arrangements can be made for these and other services to be provided on a private basis.

Chiropody is available under the NHS if the criteria are met and private treatment is available from the Home’s appointed Chiropodist who visits as required.