Our Mission

We aim to provide a friendly, welcoming environment with the emphasis on promoting individuality, independence and well being. 

We try to encourage service users to take a renewed interest in their life and environment. We assist clients to maintain their current abilities and to maintain these skills if their needs change, within the limits of health and safety.

We value the people who have taken an active interest in their relative / friend’s life, and embrace what they have to offer. We recognise life experiences and the achievements of the service users and encourage them to continue to achieve.

We aim to provide mental, emotional support and physical support, to individuals at all times.

We provide a continual training and development programme to aid our staff to deliver high standards of holistic care, aimed towards achieving our service users’ optimum health potential.

We provide cost effective care within the limits of specified budgets to ensure value for money and effective use of resources.

We aim to enable clients to live as fully and comfortably as possible, and in due time, to enable them to die at piece with dignity and to provide support and care to their relatives and friends.